Goals for Pre-Internship

Aside from being excited and eager to start working in the classroom, there are a few goals I need to keep in mind while teaching as a pre-intern at Ruth Pawson.  My teaching partner, Tyler, will be a huge help throughout the field experience as I grow and progress as a pre-service teacher.

1.  Confidence in Teaching

For my first goal, I want to maintain confidence when delivering lessons to students.  By keeping this is mind, I should speak slowly and at an appropriate volume and be clear with directions.  By maintaining a professional demeanour and confidence in the classroom, students are more likely to engage in learning my lessons and also be respectful.  I will have Tyler provide feedback to me after my lessons.  Specifically, I will ask him to be attentive to the tone, volume, and speed of my speech when delivering lessons, as well as my body language and sense of presence in the classroom.

2.  Develop Teacher-Student Relationship

During pre-internship, I hope to build respectful relationships with the students.  I will do this by remembering all student names and using their names whenever possible.  In addition, I hope to take some time to connect with students by asking questions, being attentive to their personal interests, and allowing the students to get to know me.  I will ask Tyler to pay attention to whether students respond in a positive way when I am in front of the class – something I may not notice if I am caught up in trying to deliver a lesson.

3.  Lesson Plans

For my lessons, I hope to create engaging, enjoyable, and educational presentations and activities for the students.  In the future, I hope to incorporate as much inquiry-based learning as possible in my classroom.  As a pre-intern, this is more difficult to do.  However, I hope my lessons will provide me with some practice in determining the best way to offer students choice with their learning, while also guiding them to the outcome of focus.  Before each lesson, I will ask Tyler to read over my lesson plan and provide me with brief feedback on whether or not the lesson would appeal to a majority of students, based on the opportunities and choices involved.  This goal may be more difficult to measure, however I feel that it is important for me as I grow and improve as a future teacher.


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