Pre-Internship – Day One

My first day at Ruth Pawson as a pre-intern consisted of a mix of emotions. I was nervous, excited, motivated, unsure of what to expect, and more. We began the day with an introductory lesson to the students. We wanted to introduce ourselves to the students, learn the students’ names, and learn some things about them. The lesson was slightly nerve-racking but also beneficial in terms of gaining experience and learning about the students. Throughout the half-hour activity, I was able to recognize which students were more reserved, which students were more outgoing, and other personality differences. The activity we played, called Fact or Fib, helped us get to know the students by asking each of them to think of three things to tell the class about themselves. One was supposed to be a fib and the other two were supposed to be true. We would then have a class vote on which we thought was the fib for each student. The students were supposed to try trick their classmates by thinking of things to say that others might not know about them. I found this activity to be a fun icebreaker as we learned student names, had a brief look at their personalities, and we also shared some laughs. The class was very well behaved and we did not have a problem with any of the students’ responses.

Our co-op teacher was very accommodating and welcoming – I felt that she really does want us to learn and experience what a typical day consists of for a middle years teacher. She introduced us to most of the staff in the school, took us on a tour, and provided us with some general expectations for the rest of the day.

We spent most of the day observing how she taught the lessons, how the students worked, and we were able to offer help whenever it was needed. The day consisted of Health, Phys. Ed., French, Literacy, and Career Guidance. I was surprised to see the positive behaviour of students throughout the day. Overall, I found it beneficial to observe the classroom for the first day. Our introductory lesson could have been more organized, however I feel it was generally successful. I am happy to say that I remember most student names already and feel I can already predict how their behaviour will be for the next 8 weeks. For the following weeks, I hope to be more interactive with the students and I look forward to teaching lessons directly related to curriculum outcomes. For the next two weeks, I will be teaching English Language Arts.


2 thoughts on “Pre-Internship – Day One

  1. Fact or fib would have been a great way to get to know the students and the students to learn something new about each other! That’s good that you are liking your Co-op, I like mine as well she is strict but you can tell the students love her. I think that most people yesterday had to change their lesson or it was crazy, I know mine was. What do you plan on teaching in English Language Arts?


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