Pre-Internship – Day Two

My second day at Ruth Pawson was just as enjoyable as the first.  The students are all great and just overall fun to be around.  The school has a sense of community, responsibility, and structure and most of the students are very well-behaved, attentive in class, and willing to engage.

For my first lesson, I chose to focus on English Language Arts.  I had originally planned my lesson to span over two class periods of teaching the students, one for October 22 and October 29.  Each of these lessons were supposed to last 45 minutes.  The lesson did not turn out the way I had hoped and I ended up running into a few problems…

Following lunch, the students had a silent reading period for 15 minutes.  I then began my lesson by explaining to the students what they would be learning and doing a short brainstorming activity.  This part took less time than I had expected.  I continued with the rest of the lesson and realized that I was going to have to bring in the activity from my second lesson, which I had planned to do on October 29.  Because of this, the students ended up doing two activities.  During the first activity, I began to realize that many of the students did not understand my initial instruction.  I am not sure if I was not clear enough, but I knew that some of the students struggled to understand the general concept, as well as the activity.  I think that the main issue was that the students just did not understand the material well enough to complete the activity.  I knew that my co-op teacher had already been teaching the students the topic, so I had assumed they would understand my instructions without doing a full re-teach of the concepts.  After explaining to many of the students a bit more detail about the activity, I decided to let them continue on with my second lesson’s activity – making posters.  Because of this, my coop let my lesson extend beyond the 45 minutes until recess, which was a half hour later.

To summarize, the lesson did not go great.  I know I can do better and I am not discouraged.  My co-op had some great feedback and suggestions for me and completely understood where my problem areas were.  Next week, I am going to completely re-teach the main concepts to the students.  It is obvious that they just did not have a good grasp of the information and therefore could not complete the activities at an appropriate grade level.

Examples of the posters that were created:

student example     student example 2

In the next weeks, I will post photos of the new posters, which will hopefully reflect the student learning and growth with this topic.


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