Pre-Internship – Day Three

My third day of pre-internship at Ruth Pawson was a great learning experience.  It was a hectic week for my co-op teacher and there were a few hiccups throughout the day.  In the morning, there was a problem with one of the teachers.  My co-op offered to take her grade 3 students for most of the morning.  The grade 3’s joined our Phys. Ed. lesson where they all participated in a game of dodgeball.  After recess, they joined up as reading buddies and read to each other for the hour.  It was a learning experience as a pre-intern because when these situations arise, it is beneficial to have colleagues to rely on.  Building strong relationships with co-workers can be very helpful in regards to a healthy work/life balance.

After lunch, I began teaching my lesson for English Language Arts.  Expanding on my lesson from the previous week, I taught the students how to make connections during reading.  Because my last lesson did not go as well as it could have, I decided to focus most of my lesson this week using direct instruction.  I completely went over how to make connections, what it means, the different methods (text to self, text to text, text to world), the difference between basic/general connections and meaningful/deep connections, etc.  The students were all very good listeners and most of the students wrote down the answers in their books (which is what I instructed them to do).  Many of the students offered their ideas when I asked each of the questions.  The focus of this lesson was on making meaningful connections, so I gave plenty of examples and also a step-by-step process they can follow when they are finding it difficult to make a connection.  I then read aloud a book called “Rufus Goes to School” and told them to pay close attention as they would be assessed on the connections worksheet that they would complete afterwards.  My co-op tweeted a photo of me reading to the students:

Pre-Internship - Twitter photo

Marking the connections worksheet that each student completed has been a great learning experience.  It’s obvious that this lesson furthered the students’ learning because their connections are more developed and meaningful than the answers I received from them last week.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my third day of pre-internship.  I feel that I am really starting to connect with the students and am feeling very comfortable in the classroom.  As a future teacher, I really hope to create an environment that is welcoming, accepting, and enjoyable for all students.

Favourite part of my day – receiving this:

MIss Livingstone drawing


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