Pre-Internship – Day Four

Day four of pre-internship at Ruth Pawson went well.  For the morning, we took the grade 6/7’s to Campbell Collegiate for a performance by Robb Nash.  The concert was inspiring and at times pretty emotional.  I would definitely recommend that any teacher take their middle years students to a performance by Robb Nash and his crew.


Following the concert, we returned back to the school and got ready for lunch.  At 1:00pm I was scheduled to teach my lesson in English Language Arts.  I was allotted an hour and fifteen minutes to teach.  Continuing from the previous two weeks, I planned to finish teaching “Making Connections” in reading.  My plan included a review of material, group work set up in stations, and smaller group work that included writing, drawing, and an oral presentation.  Overall, the lesson went well and my co-op teacher had great feedback for me.  One thing I learned – students are very easily distracted when working in large groups.  It was more difficult for them to get work done in large groups.  Smaller groups were definitely more productive.  As a pre-intern, it is difficult to really plan groups in a way that all students will get along.  The majority of the small groups got along well except for a couple groups that needed extra help and prompting from me as the teacher.  As a whole, I am really enjoying the teaching experience and have fun every day that I am with the students.  Always looking forward to the next day in the classroom!  Next week, I will be teaching a lesson in Arts Education.

making connections preintern


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