Pre-Internship – Day 5

For my fifth lesson at Ruth Pawson, I planned to teach Arts Ed. My lesson was based on personal identity and factors that influence identity such as cultural background, gender, family, friends, hobbies and interests, etc.  I began with some class brainstorming on what influences your personal identity and then did some direct instruction on how the art project should be completed.  The lesson went well overall, however the students seemed to be more talkative than usual.  I continually had to remind the students to keep the noise level down and complete their work independently.  There were a few groups that seemed indifferent to my instructions and were talkative throughout.  If this were my own classroom, I would probably allow talking during a visual art work period because I do not think you should place a lot of restriction on what is supposed to be a creative experience.  I informed the students that they would need to complete their artwork for the following Wednesday.  Next week, I will review the instructions of the assignment, provide students with a created rubric that explains what needs to be included, and allow time for them to continue with their posters, make additions, or completely restart.


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