Pre-Internship – Day 6

For my sixth lesson at Ruth Pawson, I was scheduled to teach Phys. Ed. and complete my previous lesson in Arts Ed.  For feedback, I had my co-op teacher and teaching partner focus on classroom management and methods I used to keep the students on task.  For Phys. Ed., we played two games that involved teamwork as a strategy.  I told the students prior to playing the games that when I blew the whistle, I wanted them to freeze and listen.  I told them that if they did not freeze and listen, they would be at risk for sitting out of the game.  For the most part, the games went well.  However, I did find it difficult to capture the attention of the students in the gym.  Many of the students were too excited that we were even playing a game to really pay attention to my instructions.  When I did blow the whistle, it usually took the students time to actually freeze and listen.  The games created some competition and many of the students were more interested in making observations or calling out other students than listening to my instructions.  Afterwards, my co-op informed me that the students were really not receiving any sort of discipline when they ignored my instructions to freeze and listen at the sound of the whistle.

For my Arts Ed. continued lesson, I provided a brief review to the students and handed out a rubric for them to refer to.  I told them to carefully go through the components listed in the rubric to determine whether they think they would receive a satisfactory grade.  They then had an hour to work on their timelines and I provided answers to their questions.  Their artwork improved after they looked at the rubric and I am looking forward to viewing all of them next week.


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