Pre-Internship – Lesson 8

For my eighth lesson at Ruth Pawson, I taught Health Education for 45 minutes.  This was my shortest lesson period for my pre-internship experience.  I chose to focus on body-image and self-esteem.  My lesson included showing a video, discussing key information such as what body-image is, what is required to have a healthy body-image, what influences body-image and the connection to self-esteem.  I had the students analyze magazine ads that I chose myself.  Most of the ads were related to perfume, makeup, skincare, and clothing companies.  The students shared what they noticed about the ad and how it could influence an individual’s self image and self-esteem.  I then told the students that I would like to avoid a lesson focused only on negativity and that we should brainstorm compliments that you could give another person, not related to appearance, that could be used to help brighten someone’s day.  We created a list of words on the board such as friendly, energetic, adventurous, funny, caring, etc.  We played “Warm Fuzzies” and I told the students they needed to choose a compliment from the list of words that we created as a class.  I did this because I wanted to avoid any possibility of negative or inappropriate comments being written on student pages.  Overall, the lesson went very well and I felt confident that the students were engaged, interacting with each other, and building positive classroom community.

At the end of the day, we explained to the students that we would be back in March and we handed out candy canes.  The students gave us each a signed Christmas card. Just an overall great feeling!

christmas card from pawson kids


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