Week Four – Reflection

Sept. 21 – 25

This week, I continued teaching the unit on Healthy Relationships and helping students understand the importance of building relationships now and in the future.  When discussing whether students think the world would be different (better or worse) if everyone in the world were the exact same, many responded with “it would be boring.”  Students are imaginative when it comes to things such as this.  We were able to recognize that issues such as racism and discrimination would not exist, but if everyone were the same, we would be missing the unique and positive qualities that diverse groups of people offer.

This week, we began implementing guided math groups.  Usually, the daily lesson will include math drills (writing out multiplication tables or mad minutes), a mini-lesson based on that topic, and then two rounds.  Students are grouped based on personality traits, rather than intellectual levels or random choice.  It is important to know your students and make decisions most appropriate for their learning.  In this case, students are grouped with other students who will allow them to work most effectively.  Guided math rounds are Math with Teacher, Math on my Own or with Partner (MOMOP), Math Sense (Interactive Math Games), Math Tech (online math lessons such as Khan Academy), and Math Art.

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On Friday, we took a field trip to the University of Regina with several of the classrooms from our school.  The day included watching the Glen Anaquod Tipi-Raising Memorial Competition and taking a tour of the university campus.  Students learned prior about Glen Anaquod’s life and why the competition is in memory of him.  I am very impressed with the students at GMS as they are very knowledgeable regarding Canadian indigenous histories, residential schools, and the significance of truth and reconciliation.


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