Week One – Reflection

This was the first week back to school for students.  Teachers had a few PD days prior to the first day for students, which allowed myself (as an intern) to get more acquainted with the school, staff, and classroom.  Ms. Kramer and I set up the classroom table arrangement, discussed classroom procedures and rules, and went over what it expected of me in terms of picking up subject areas and other duties around the school / with the students.  It is important the students recognize that, even as an intern, I am to be treated the same way that other teachers in the school are treated.  I am expected to follow through with classroom procedures and expectations as a teacher and supervisor.  We discussed that I will primarily be doing attendance in the morning and afternoons for students, as well as beginning with both Health and Career Ed. for my main subject areas throughout internship.  Overall, the PD days were beneficial for me as I become more familiar with what day-to-day life at Gladys McDonald is like.

The first week with students was exciting and somewhat overwhelming.  This week was a time for me to get to know the students, build some connections, and determine what the classroom environment will resemble for the next four months.  Getting to know the students is essential – I do not believe you can be a successful or effective teacher if you do not know how to connect with your students. After all, this is where students come day in and day out.  They deserve to be experiencing an environment in which they feel respected, accepted, and their needs are being met.  I think school should be an enjoyable and engaging experience for students while also helping to develop important life skills and responsibilities.


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