Final Evaluation


Well, the time has come and I have officially received my final evaluation for the internship placement.  This evaluation really provides that opportunity for meaningful reflection.

I continue to think things such as:

  • What have I learned here?
  • What are my obvious strengths?
  • What have been my challenges and where can I improve?
  • How do I want my own classroom to look someday?
  •  How can I take everything I’ve learned into other teaching experiences (likely substitute teaching at some point)?
  • Etc…

I will say this:  I am pleased with my final evaluation and hoped that my strengths would be recognized through my teaching.  I have had days where I have thought, “What am I thinking, middle years teaching can be so frustrating!” and days where I have thought, “Wow, these kids continue to surprise me – they are so awesome!”  I have been challenged in regards to how I manage whole class, small group, and individual teaching.  I have been challenged in regards to behaviour management.  I have been challenged by students who refuse to do any school work, are late to every single class, and are overall disrespectful.

On the other hand, I have learned from so many of the students in ways that I didn’t even expect.  Many of them are already critical thinkers – questioning things such as political issues and social norms, they are intelligent, they have huge hearts, and they want to make you have a good day.  Teaching is nothing without the relationships.  Students will respect you if you build that relationship with them.  This is something I have noticed even with the most challenging students in my class.  Take the time to say “Good Morning” or “What do you want to learn today?”  I have realized that if the students know you care and that you actually genuinely enjoy being around them, they are more likely to reciprocate that.


Tell me what you think!

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