#edtech (What’s the big deal?)

I’ve been recently trying to become more involved in the Twitter world and have found many great resources using #edtech hashtag.  Why are educators, pre-service teachers, and people-alike discussing the uses of technology in education?  Why has this become such an important conversation to have?  What’s the big deal?

My view of technology integration in the classroom – YES, do it.  As part of your teaching career, continuous personal education is necessary.  Whether you’ve been teaching 25 years or 2 years, students deserve to be taught in a 21st century context.  But… what does this mean?  What has become so significant in the 21st century?

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 10.00.29 PM.png

Bryan McDonald via Creative Commons Flickr

Technology is ever-advancing.  From iPhone to iPad to Smartboards and more, teachers are constantly faced with emerging ideas of how to bring tech into the classroom.  Unlike using an overhead projector or rolling in the box television for an afternoon movie, I want to talk about how technology can act as an innovative tool, a way to encourage the unique ideas of individual students, a way to connect and collaborate, and a way to truly improve the way students learn.  As educators, we need to focus on using technology in the most authentic way possible by aligning the principles of tech with 21st century teaching practices.

I recently found an interesting table demonstrating the differences between using technology and integrating technology in the classroom via TeachBytes:

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 2.02.25 PM

I think this is a great visual to refer to in regards to authentic technology integration.  Using tech should be utilized as a way to foster a more supportive environment for all learners.  It should be used with purpose, become part of the routine (not viewed as a novelty), provide collaborative experience, and offer opportunities for all types of learners as a tool for inclusiveness.

I am certainly not an expert – I have so much to learn – reason enough to be in the course ECMP455 🙂 – and I don’t want to lose motivation or drive.  When I get my first teaching job, I know it’s going to be difficult to continue learning myself because there are so many challenges in the day to day routine as a teacher.  For this course, I want to collaborate with classmates, learn from each other, discover meaningful ways to integrate technology into teaching, and continue working on my own professional development.





Tell me what you think!

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