PowToon: The Demise of PowerPoint

Unless you live under a metaphorical rock, you have probably noticed that new tech tools have been created that are way more exciting than PowerPoint.  Yes, creating presentations using PowerPoint is easy, convenient, and simple but it’s no secret that they tend to be fairly boring.  No offence, PowerPoint people.

This is where PowToon comes in.  PowToon is essentially a digital presentation tool that incorporates animations to interest and engage viewers.  Animations can include pre-created objects on the website, imported images, voice and music tools, and more.  It is fairly easy to use and even if you do find yourself struggling, there are pre-made presentations that can easily be edited to suit your presentation topic.

The free option would most likely be sufficient for classroom or teacher use, but there is the option to upgrade for more features.   PowToon would be a great tool for both teacher use and student use.  Teachers can provide detailed presentations to students, whether for a flipped classroom concept (explaining curricular content and giving lessons) or to engage students at the beginning of a topic or lesson.  The presentation tool can be integrated into various areas of the SK curriculum as it is not restricted to any topic or subject area.  On the flip side, students can create their own PowToons to demonstrate their learning, share their knowledge with classmates and peers, and act as a potential product for assessment.  Students creating their own presentations and sharing with others is a form of digital communication, an element of digital citizenship. By allowing students to customize their own presentations, they are better able to express their own personality and creativity.  PowToon does not require any sort of software download, which makes it beneficial for schools with limited technology use and/or restrictions of usage.  Of course, one of the main drawbacks of using technology to demonstrate learning or as a teaching tool is the potential lack of resources.



4 thoughts on “PowToon: The Demise of PowerPoint

  1. I made a PowToon video once and really enjoyed the program! However I am horrible to resort back to PowerPoint when I do a presentation. Maybe it is because PowerPoint is downloaded on almost every available computer but it shouldn’t be hard to search something else. I do remember PowToon being slow to work and it kept freezing but that could have easily been my internet. But if many students were using it at the same time it could slow the internet down and cause problems. Do you think this is something that could happen? And what would you do if this was a problem in your class?


  2. Hi Marissa,
    Thank you for sharing PowToon with us! The tool looks very interesting, and I can see students engaging with this type of presentation to demonstrate their learning. I do have a questions about the tool. How much time does a PowToon presentation take to create compared to other tools such as powerpoint or a prezi?


    • If you use one of the pre-made templates, all you need to do is fill in your information and it requires minimal alterations. If you are creating your own presentation, it can take a bit longer if you are wanting to include different graphics and animations. However, the set-up of creating the presentation actually has some educational material built in as it can be a bit of learning experience (editing, time-spacing, etc.)


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