Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment and Evaluation

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Involving Students in the Planning and Assessment Process

As often as possible, I find it meaningful to provide students the opportunity to take ownership of their learning by carefully taking into consideration their own ideas of how they should be evaluated.  In my opinion, students may feel less inclined to learn and/or demonstrate what they know if the teacher simply does not listen to their ideas or suggestions.  Students should always know what you are looking for in regards to assessment – this can include having “I Can” statements clearly posted in the classroom, going through assessment rubrics as a class, having students self-evaluate or peer-evaluate, or just simply asking students how they think they could best demonstrate their knowledge.  As teachers, we know all students learn differently.  So why should we assess all students the same?

Examples of Tech Tools That Can Be Used For Assessment:

Nearpod – Lesson Presentations – Questions and Responses

Socrative – Tech-based assessment tool

Kahoot! – Game-based learning tool that can be used for assessment

Plickers – Tech-based assessment tool