First week of school – Building classroom community

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Glen Anaquod Tipi Raising Memorial – University of Regina:  We spent the morning watching the competition, followed by lunch and a tour of the whole university!  Students loved the FNU Building and were amazed by how many buildings we had to walk through.

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Grade 7 students practicing canoeing at the Lawson:

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Orange Shirt Day – Commemorating those of Residential Schools

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Learning about the Circle of Courage:

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What is something you are good at?

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Pretending to be teacher – What a creative writing prompt!

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Outdoor Education – Field Trip – “Finding Your Way”

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Ralph Goodale – MP for Regina-Wascana Riding – visiting our senior students for the morning to discuss the results of the federal election, how government works, what the Liberal Party plans to do to create change, and inspiring students to consider their futures as well.  Great experience for the students.

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Grade 6/7 students working with grade 3 buddies – reading stories and art projects

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Grade 3 student drawing pictures for me – apparently I am stuck in a tornado and lightning storm!

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Cleaning the classroom – had to snap a picture of them scrubbing the walls!